About us

Ricegram has offered the best quality groceries. We can proudly say that we are fast-developing online grocery shopping. You can get the best products from local goods, in-season picks, chef-prepared meals, and your favorite and favorite brands directly to your home or office. From our state-of-art facility, we offer grocery delivery to the kalanthapanai surrounding.

Grocery Delivery in Simple 3 Steps

Order the groceries in the Ricegram website.

Your orders will be packed by our state-of-art faculities.

We will deliver the orders to your home or office during the timeslot that works for you.

Our Team

There is nothing better than tasting good, hygiene, and fresh foods. Our skilled merchants search the fresh fruits and vegetables and also directly get the products from your favorite and favorite brands. It’s a passion shared by everyone we work with, from the people who grow, raise, and make what’s in your order to the team members who deliver it to you.